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Testing at Bartlett Yancey

Testing is an integral part of assessing our students' ability to retain and prove their knowledge in certain subject areas. Several tests are given to students through out the year including EOG's, NC Finals, and teacher made exams for class subjects and the PLAN, PSAT, ACT and SAT for assessing college and career readiness. Members of Guidance primarily help coordinate testing for the PSAT and SAT which are given in October and May respectively. Both the SAT and PSAT are taken voluntarily by students who must register either in Guidance or online, while other tests such as the PLAN, ACT and end of year exams are required.

College Admission Tests

Students who wish to attend college are strongly encouraged to take either the SAT or ACT at least two times by December of their Senior year. Almost all four year colleges require students to send an SAT or ACT score in order to apply. Students who take a test for a second time are more likely to get the score they want to be competitive for colleges. Registration for tests can be found online or you can use the links on the left side of this page.

Fall 2021 Test Dates


Coming soon for 2023-2024


Coming soon for 2023-2024

Test Preparation

It is important to prepare for the SAT and ACT. There are several free online resources which allow students to study practice questions, review vocabulary, or take full-length exams. Use these buttons to access tips on test-taking and information on free test prep resources. 

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